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Firearms Purchase & Transfers


Straw Purchases are illegal and will not be condone by Black Hawk Armory period.  A Straw Purchase consists of a second person agreeing to acquire a firearm for another individual.  It is illegal to purchase any firearm and pose as the actual buyer for someone else. 

Purchasing a firearm from an FFL dealer and the individual lies on the Federal Form 4473, regarding the identity of the buyer can be charged with making a false statement on a Federal Firearms Transaction Record.  Lying on this federal form is deemed a felony and an individual can be punished up to five years in prison with additional fines, even with a denied transaction by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

Please see below transfer fee:

  • Non-Regulated Firearm: $75.00
  • Regulated Firearm: $85.00  (plus a $10 Maryland State Police fee)
  • MSP-Approved Lock (If Applicable): $15.00
  • NFA Items: $100.00 + Registration Fee

1. Online Firearm Purchase

All firearms that are purchased in the United States, will be shipped to a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer (FFL). Please be advised to check your state laws prior to submitting an order online. All purchasers must be 21 years old in order to buy handguns, rifles, shotguns, fully assembled AR’s and stripped lower receivers. Buyers must reside in the state in which they plan on transferring the firearm to.

*Exception to this rule will be for active duty military personnel only*.

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2. Arranging The Transfer With Your FFL Dealer

All dealers have transfer fees. This is a question you would want to ask before you select a particular FFL dealer to receive your firearm.

  • Make sure you arrange the transfer of our firearm with an FFL dealer. (When orders are placed, you’ll use your FFL dealer address as the shipping address.)
  • Reach out to your dealer and make them aware that you would like for them to receive a firearm transfer to or from BHA.
  • Please make sure you provide the FFL dealer with the contact information of the dealer you purchase your firearm from, so that the proper communication that’s needed between the two dealers is done.
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3. Pick Up Your Firearm To Complete The Transfer

Your FFL dealer is required to have you complete a 4473 and successfully pass a background check through NICS. Regardless if you purchase a firearm from another gun store, the background check will be the same to complete any purchase. When the background check is concluded and the buyer has passed, you’ll be free to take your new firearm home.

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