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IMPORTANT: Read Before Purchasing!

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!! To all customers, please make sure that you verify that the firearm you are selecting to purchase is in compliance with Maryland State Laws/Approved MD Handgun Roaster.  If any firearm that is purchased is not in compliance with Maryland law, it will be subject to a restocking fee. There will be no exceptions!

Please see the links below if you’re uncertain if your weapon of choice is compliant or not.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email or give us a call.

Handgun Roster

Maryland State Police | Firearm Registration

Maryland State Police Firearms Search

Firearm Search (

“In Maryland high-capacity magazines (greater than 10 rounds) are not approved.  All firearms that are purchased and come with a high-capacity magazine will be confiscated from your purchase unless you are LEO.”

We will contact you once your order has arrived or is ready for you to come in to start the paperwork process.

A valid in-state driver’s license will be required.

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